Should we be worried?

This is a problem that greatly affects the quality of life, as the need to urinate is felt frequently, ranging from once an hour to every fifteen minutes. This rhythm is the same day and night, forcing affected people to interrupt their sleep regularly. When the daily life is disrupted in this way, it is necessary to consult.

Where did it come from?

The frequent need to urinate is mainly related to bladder irritation. This can have various causes:

  • Urinary infection.
  • Urinary stone.
  • Obstruction of the bladder, e. g. due to an enlarged prostate gland.
  • Overactive bladder, which may be due to a neurological disease such as multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease.
  • Tumour.

There are also causes independent of the bladder, such as narrowing of the urethra (stenosis) or diabetes.

Sometimes the cause is behavioural. Some people have developed the habit of urinating frequently. The bladder therefore triggers the need to urinate more frequently than normal. Other patients consume too many drinks, especially before going to bed.

What does the urologist do?

The doctor asks the patient to list his urine in a urinary notebook. He should note the frequency of urine, its temporality and the amount of fluid. This information allows the doctor to exclude certain diseases and adapt the patient’s habits if necessary. For example, it may be advisable to reduce the consumption of alcohol, coffee and soft drinks, which are irritating factors.

Through the following tests, the urologist can determine if there is bladder irritation:

  • A urine test.

  • An endoscopic examination of the bladder to analyze its condition.

  • An ultrasound to see if the bladder is emptying properly

  • A scanner to detect possible calculations.

  • A urodynamic examination to exclude overactive bladder.

What to remember

  • The constant need to urinate greatly affects the quality of life
  • The cause may be bladder irritation or bad habits
  • Counting urine in a notebook allows the urologist to better target the cause


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